End of year Seminar 2018

Who should attend?

We recommend:

  • All Payroll & HR Staff
  • Managers & Administrators with responsibility for Payroll

With the introduction of the PAYE Modernisation project in 2019 we would like to remind clients that the payroll software has significant changes in the manner and timing of the way we interact with Revenue.  As part of the seminar content we will be showing the 2019 version of Quantum and discussing how the changes impact on the sequencing and processing of the payroll.

Given the significant nature of the changes we anticipate a much higher level of demand for our support services over the months of January and February and would stress that it is imperative that all users be fully conversant with the changes prior to the new year. It will not be possible for our support staff to instruct users on these issues over the phone as it will be too time consuming and reduce our ability to provide our normal level of service for all clients.  These Seminars are designed, as you will note from the content above, to ensure that users will have a familiarity with the new procedures and therefore will make the transition from 2018 to 2019 less daunting.

Where will they be held?


The Seminars will take place at the following addresses:

Clayton Hotel,
Silver Springs,
Tivoli, Cork. T23 E244

The Gresham Hotel
O’Connell Street,
Dublin 1

The Radisson Blue & Spa
Ennis Rd, Burtonhill, Limerick,
Co. Clare, V94 YA2R

Seminar Cost is 325.00 for first attendee 250.00 for additional places (VAT Exempt)

Cork, December 6th Afternoon.Limerick, December 10th Afternoon.

Please note Morning Seminars in Limerick, Dublin and Cork are now sold out, there is room in the Afternoon seminars.
Please note the Dublin seminar, both morning and afternoon are now sold out.

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