TWSS / Reconciliation and EWSS Webinar

Revenue are asking that you, the employer, be part of the reconciliation and ongoing monitoring processes for the COVID subsidy payroll schemes. If an employer fails to correctly operate either the TWSS/EWSS schemes or fails to correctly report the relevant detail Revenue have stated they may recoup the full value of any subsidy payments.

This webinar will ensure that you know what is expected as part of the reconciliation process for the TWSS scheme and how to deal with queries from Revenue in relation to the ongoing EWSS scheme.

What you will learn…
• How to correctly reconcile your TWSS details with Revenue through Quantum Payroll
• Understand and review TWSS details before the payroll / Revenue reconciliation
• Identify and correct possible errors or omissions within Quantum Payroll

If you have availed of the Temporary Wage Subsidy Scheme or currently availing of the Employment Wage Subsidy Scheme you should attend this webinar.
More details available here.

Seminar Cost is €300 for first attendee, €260 for additional places (VAT Exempt)

Please indicate your preference below. All efforts will be made to ensure your choice can be accommodated but due to participation levels this may not be possible.

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